Thursday, May 3, 2012

I have Moved!

Yes! This has been a long time coming since I've spent months battling with the idea of moving over to WordPress. I've finally done it! So, now has a new avatar! Please update all your bookmarks and head on over, folks! All those who are subscribed to my blog here will have to subscribe again on the new blog. Sorry for the inconvenience, people, I really hope you'll all bear with me through this transition.

This blog will still remain here, though, since a lot of past links still point to this blog.

See you over at the new blog!


  1. I can still see all your posts on my dashboard.

    1. Yes, you'll still see them because I'm leaving this blog here as is and if I update it, you'll still get notifications. But, I'm not going to update this any further so it would lovely if you could head over to my new blog and subscribe to updates there. Sorry for all the trouble!

  2. Welcome home, mamasita! Glad to say that you are loving your new digs and decorating it in style :)


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