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It's a beetle! Well, not really. Why I call myself a beetle is a long story that dates back to my days in college. We won't go there now. I just thought it a suitable pen-name to write my blogs with.

This blog was born out of my desire to have an online journal dedicated specifically to my experiments in the kitchen. I'd started out with another blog, where I talk about anything I feel like. Food was interspersed with my other ramblings, though it had started taking precedence lately. But, I have huge plans in my head for my food blog (it doesn't matter that most of them will find an end in my head before they make it out) and hence, this blog was created.

I have always loved food - eating more than cooking. Over the years, I've discovered that I have an interest in making the food and not just eating it all up. The last year has given me ample opportunity as a stay at home wife to experiment and needle out recipes I've been wanting to try before adding to my personal cookbook collection. Food Network was a channel I used to live on, so, you'll see a bunch of recipes inspired by shows I've seen there. You're going to read things from the perspective of a fumbling chef/baker, on a mission to becoming a kitchen goddess. Heheh yes, one can always dream.

This blog is also an endeavor to learn the art of taking beautiful food pictures, that speak of how delicious the dish really is. Any thoughts, tips and pointers are more than welcome. I have seen the vast food blogging community that's thriving out there and I hope I can jump on the boat as well.

Bon Appetit!


  1. Nice to meet you, Beetle! I look forward to subscribing to your blog. If you feel inclined, you can find me at www.praycookblog.com. Your photos look great, what camera do you use, do you have special training in photography? Have a blessed weekend. Catherine at www.praycooblog.com

    1. Glad to meet you too, Catherine! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to more of your visits :) I use a Canon EOS Rebel T1i. I don't have any training in photography though I love poring through blogs with beautiful pictures and then try to emulate them. So, I just experiment and learn on my own. I read up a lot on the camera functions too so I know just how to use them. :)

  2. Hey Beetle! I have some blog awards waiting for you back on my page. Click and you shall see

  3. tasty food you have here -have too agree about the food stuff ;) :):thumbsup: to U


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